What type of Bikepacker are you?

According the Bikepacker Race-Compass Survey there are 4 types of Bikepackers. If not already done participate in the survey and return to this page with the achieved result what usually is a number of % you achieved.


The culture drifter

You don't like heavy bikepacks and prefer to sleep home in your own bed. It's important for you to hang out with your friends after a tour and sip a few drinks with cool sound in the background while chatting about the day's experiences, Without enough sleep you're in a bad mood and prefer to stay at home.

Bikepacker-Compass _fun-adventurer2.png

The comfort rider

You have a healthy attitude towards yourself and what you want to experience in a competition. You have gained some experience in cycling marathons. You would like to ride a bikepacking race with friends and a experienced guide who can help in an emergency.

the fun adventurer

You love adventure and you are ready to take on big strains. In addition to pure cycling, the experience of getting to know other bike packers also counts. You like local food and take the time to eat a balanced and healthy. Although you are not a cultural traveller, the beautiful nature and historical places enrich you.

Bikepacker-Compass _efficient-fighter.png

the efficient fighter

You like real competition and you challenge yourself and your opponents pretty well. You are ready to leave your comfort zone for a very long time what others would call unhealthy and almost fanatical. What others think is important to you, but you do it voluntarily and can reduce throttle at any time.

What's the next step?

As soon as the survey is completed, the results will be evaluated and published here.

Furthermore, an Excel table will be created and offered for download, which allows you to create your personal compass.