The Bikepacker Race Compass

What's all about?

The Bikepacker Compass helps you to determine what is really important to you while bikepacking.


Once you reach your limits, especially while you're racing, the Bikepacker Compass will remind you why you're doing this. This is good to keep your focus on what really counts and to better reach your goals. Achieving ambitious goals is one of the main drivers towards happyness.

The process

  1. Analysis via Survey (ready)

  2. Create Bikepacker Race Compass based on survey results (in progress)

  3. Generate Bikepacker Race Compass Tool for individual/personal use (will follow, once the survey is done)

  4. Provide Bikepacker Race Compass and other helpfull items e.g. race tag, pack list, mental preparation checklist, … (will follow, once the tool is ready for individual/personal use)

Why should you participate?

  1. You will learn something about you and your bikepacking attitude

  2. The servey is absolutely anonymous and painless

  3. The results will be published on this site

  4. If you send an email to I will provide you with an Excel, where you can do your personal Bikepacker Race compass